The Special Commission also works closely with other leading macro practice social work organizations under the umbrella of UNITED FOR MACRO. The partner organizations include the Association for Community Organization and Social Administration, Influencing Social Policy, the Macro Social Work Student Network, the Network for Social Work Management, and Voting is Social Work. 

Association for Community Organization and Social Administration

The Association for Community Organization and Social Action (ACOSA) is an interdisciplinary professional association grounded in the social work profession. Its mission is to promote social change by strengthening community practice in social work. ACOSA promotes social work education, research, and practice in all areas of community practice including community organizing, community planning and development, organizational leadership, policy practice, and social action. ACOSA fosters global perspectives on social work practice and social welfare policy, advances racial, environmental, and social justice, values interdisciplinary collaboration, improves the social and economic well-being of marginalized communities, and supports human rights for all.

Influencing Social Policy (ISP) is a non-profit organization for social work educators, students, and practitioners with a passion for policy. ISP’s goal is to prepare and motivate social workers to play an active role in shaping the social policies that impact our clients and communities

The mission of the Macro Social Work Student Network (MSWSN) is to develop a geographically diverse network of and for macro-practice social work undergraduate and graduate students in order to:

  • Share and augment macro practice knowledge
  • Maintain self-awareness of macro practice as a minority method in the social work field
  • Share our work with the rest of the social work field.

Network for Social Work Management (NSWM) is an organization centered around providing a place where members could educate, train, mentor, and coach students, managers, and leaders within the field of social work management. Our network continues to be the foundation for developing knowledge & information associated with administration and leadership issues involved with managing and leading social service agencies.

Voting is Social Work is a nonpartisan campaign that provides social workers with the knowledge and the tools to raise awareness about voting and to increase voting registration and participation. This work is done through the National Social Work Voter Mobilization Campaign which strives to integration nonpartisan voter registration and engagement into social work education and practice.