Action Clusters and Committees

Special Commission
Standing and Ad Hoc Committees

Resources. Identifying, securing, and sharing resources to strengthen and expand curricular content (inclusive of field education) and macro social work practice tools and techniques.
Convener: Diane Bessel
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Media Outreach. Connecting with social workers, other professionals, and community colleagues by disseminating webinars, blogs, presentations, and social media.
Convener: Kristie Holmes
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For Webinars: please contact Steve Burghardt
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Podcasts now available atĀ

Macro Organizations. Strengthening connections with macro-oriented organizations to build leadership opportunities and develop strategies to mobilize various constituent groups in support of the Special Commission goals.
Convener: Darlyne Bailey
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Licensure. Examining social work licensure and its impact on macro social work.
Conveners: Mimi Abramovitz and Mary Nienow
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Endorsement. Securing CSWE Board support and endorsement for the strategic goals and direction of the Special Commission.
Convener: Amy Murphy NugenĀ 
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Data and Outcomes. Reviewing and analyzing CSWE data from MSW and BSW programs while also identifying the ways various constituencies including the Macro Investor Schools are “making macro matter.”
Convener: Deb Adams

Specialized Practice Curricular Guide for Macro Social Work Practice

The Specialized Practice Curricular Guide for Macro Social Work Practice outlines three (3) primary focus areas: organizational administration and management, community organizing, and policy practice.

It uses a unifying framework to identify commonalities while honoring the unique differences of each focus area.

This guide was developed through a partnership between CSWE and the Special Commission to Advance Macro Practice, with generous support from the Fund for Social Policy Education and Practice.

The Encyclopedia of Macro Social Work

The Encyclopedia of Macro Social Work (EOMSW) offers nearly 200 long-form overview articles that address macro practice methods (organizations, community, policy) as well as macro theories, concepts, ideologies, problems, and contexts relating to macro social work.

It includes an introduction to the field of macro practice and topical guides for students and researchers while updating and expanding upon all of the macro content in the Encyclopedia of Social Work to create a multi-volume work unlike any other.